Do you need the maximum torque at start-up? The Electrolytic Starter meets your needs.

The Vectrohm electrolytic starter, also known as a liquid resistance starter (Liquid Resistance Starter or Liquid Cooled Starter), provides the ring motor with starting power.

Our technical process: The variation in the height of the liquid in the tank, where the fixed electrodes are placed, varies the ohmic value of the rotor.

Our fixed electrode technology is the most reliable on the market and reduces maintenance costs.

The slip ring motor can provide its maximum torque at any speed. It can therefore start machines with no load or full load.



Always operating in liquid phase, which guarantees a stable electrolyte level, minimum maintenance and total safety for the user.



Robust equipment, corrosion-resistant and low-maintenance equipment. The R1500 and R4000 starters are made of stainless steel.

démarreur électrolytique R25 - R65


Simple design material. Long service life. Low maintenance. Fixed electrodes

The so-called rotor starter is suitable for all types of motors such as ball mill, jaw mill, impact mill / Compressors / Belt conveyors / Crushers / Mixers, saws, pumps, fans / Ski Lifts or all slips ring motor