All our electrolytic liquid cooled starter products are designed and developed in France. Their quality and durability are the guarantee of more than 50 years of know-how in engine starting.

About company

Vectrohm is the electrolytic starter brand for Resistel’s slip ring motors. The electrolytic starter manufacturing plant is based in the Paris region. With decades of experience in electrical resistance, Vectrohm has developed a range of resistors for starting slip ring motors.

Thanks to the Vectrostar R principle, the slip ring motor can provide its maximum torque at any speed and therefore start blocked or fully loaded machines. The currents obtained depend on the motor / machine characteristics and starting conditions: – slip-ring motor: from 0.5 to 1.5 In (In=rated current)

The modalities of intervention

Vectrohm has also developed in the support and maintenance of its motor start resistors throughout Europe. With a qualified itinerant technical team, we can manage the maintenance of your product range and, if necessary, readjust the soda level and check the proper functioning of the elements.

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“Vectrohm was able to react quickly and provide the expected solution for the installation of our starter. A very nice collaboration in short, thank you for your reactivity and the reliability of your product ” Louis D, April 2018

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