Leisure market (skiing, fairgrounds)

In the ski resorts, many machines allow skiers or hikers to climb up the mountain pastures or to the top of the ski slopes. These machines require more or less powerful motors allowing an empty or loaded start. The electrolytic starter drives the motor when it is started.

It is not uncommon to find Vectrohm starters on lift motors in ski resorts.

In fairgrounds, most recreational attractions (rides, attractions with trains, etc.) require engines with a loaded start. Vectrohm’s electrolytic starters allow this.


The slip ring motor can provide its maximum torque at any speed and therefore start blocked or fully loaded machines.

Belt mills, jaw mills, impact mills, primary mills / Compressors / Belt conveyors / Crushers / Mixers, saws, pumps, fans / Lifts


Always operating in liquid phase, which guarantees a stable electrolyte level, minimum maintenance and total safety for the user.


Robust, corrosion-resistant and low-maintenance equipment. The R1500 and R4000 starters are made of stainless steel.


Simple design material. Long service life. Low maintenance.

kit maintenance vectrohm demarrreur electrolytique

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