A reliable, robust and economical range of products for electrolytic starter

All our electrolytic starter products are designed and developed in France. Their quality and durability are guaranteed by more than 20 years of know-how.



Electrolytic starter up to 5000kW

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Electrolytic starter up to 3000kW

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Electrolytic starter up to 1000kW

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Electrolytic starter up to 200kW

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kit maintenance vectrohm demarrreur electrolytique

Maintenance kit

Tank refill

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Spare Parts

All spare parts for liquid Cooled starter (pumps, etc.)

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Electrolytic starter
spare parts vectrohm button
maintenance kit liquid cooled starter
kit maintenance vectrohm demarrreur electrolytique

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démarreur électrolytique R25 - R65