Electrolytic starter Vectrohm R4000

Electrolytic starter Vectrohm R4000, specially designed for starting motors up to :

  • 4000 kW for start under load
  • 5000 kW for no-load start

Applications :

– Fans, Refiners, Pumps, Ball mills, hammer mills, roundabouts….

  • Rotor current up to 1400A
  • Rotor voltage up to 3000V

Technical specifications 

  • H (mm) 2300 x l (mm) 2200 x L (mm) 2000
  • Capacity 4000 Liters
  • Empty weight 1200 kg
  • Full weight 5200 kg
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The so-called rotor starter is suitable for all types of motors such as ball mills, jaw mills, impact mills, compressors, belt conveyors, crushers, mixers, saws, pumps, fans, ski-lifts or all asynchronous ring motors.

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